Bike tour: the South of Antwerp + Zurenborg

Encounter countless quirky townhouses and architectural highlights on a tour that goes beyond the city center

Antwerp is more than the historical centre. On this bike tour we will show you the ‘real’ Antwerp with its fascinating and colourful neighbourhoods, like the artistic ‘Zuid’ and residential Berchem. We also explore the ‘Zurenborg’ quarter with its word renowned architecture and bars and the ‘Groen Kwartier’, homebase of the famous restaurant The Jane.

  • Choose the start time and duration of your bike tour (2 or 3 hours)
  • Choose the language of your tour: Dutch, English, French or German
  • From 8 persons (smaller groups pay for 8 participants)
  • 27,5 Euro per person for 2 hours and 34,5 Euro per person for 3 hours
  • Enjoy a discount if you participate with your own bike

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This tour is ideal if you know Antwerp’s classic highlights well or if you’d like to bike outside the center of Antwerp. Or if you are interested in unique Art Deco architecture and nineteenth-century neighborhoods.

Book your private tour of Zurenborg and Zuid with Antwerp by Bike now and be surprised by the beauty outside the center of Antwerp!

What clients say about this tour

We really enjoyed our tour of Antwerp-South and Zurenborg. All thanks to our pleasant guide Dirk with his many facts and anecdotes! We had been to Antwerp many times before, but through this bicycle tour, we discovered a beautiful part of Antwerp that was unknown to us.