Bike tour: the parks of Antwerp

Bike through stunning parks in and around Antwerp

Beautiful, calm and green spots in Antwerp? They do exist! Discover them during this guided bike tour where you’ll visit the biggest and most beautiful parcs in and around Antwerp and enjoy all the greenery in the new Park Spoor Noord, the enormous Rivierenhof and the artistic Middelheim Park, among others.

All different, all just as interesting and nice to bike through. A must-do in spring, summer or autumn, when nature is the most colourful. This is the longest route in our offerings, but at the same time the most relaxing.

  • The longest route, but probably also the most relaxing
  • 3 hours
  • € 34,5 per person
  • This tour is possible in English, French, German or Dutch
  • For groups of 8 people or more (smaller groups pay for 8 participants)

Book this bike tour through the parks of Antwerp

We offer this tour all year round as a private tour. Bear in mind that The Middelheim Museum is closed on Mondays. We will not stop here on Mondays.

What clients say about this tour:

We did “the parks of Antwerp. It’s a 25-kilometer-long bike tour, but oh, it’s so beautiful and educational! Our guide talked incessantly and didn’t shy away from a question. We became much wiser. It was truly a unique experience!