Must-see viewpoints in Antwerp

There is no denying that Antwerp is a beautiful city. It is strewn with elegant buildings from a rich past and contemporary architectural gems. Are you looking for the best views of Antwerp? Here are a few must-see viewpoints in Antwerp.

Museum aan de stroom (MAS)

The MAS is an impressive building on ‘het Eilandje‘, a vibrant neighborhood in the old port of Antwerp. The unique architecture of the MAS is based on 19th-century warehouses that were typical of the area. It is a 60-meter-high tower with beautiful wavy glass and a random pattern of deep red Indian sandstone. More than 3,000 silver hands on the facade symbolize the myth of the birth of Antwerp and enliven the matte red stone.

Inside, a promenade runs like a glass spiral along seven stacked museum rooms. These house more than 500,000 museum pieces. They give an insight into the history of the exchange between Antwerp and the world. On each floor, you will discover a new story about Antwerp, the river, the port, and the world.

At the same time, the boulevard treats you to a magnificent views of the city – increasingly higher and different every time. An unparalleled view of the city and the port awaits you on the roof terrace, which you can visit for free. You can check the opening hours on the website

Droogdokkenpark (Belvedere)

The Scheldt quays run north to “droogdokkenpark”. This park lies in a bend of the river Scheldt, where you can view the port and the inner city. Here the city created a unique meeting place: the Belvédère. It is a large, green, hexagonal lookout point with a beautiful view of the city, the left bank, and the Port of Antwerp. Since 2018, it has become a new attraction for locals and tourists who want to take a walk, get a breath of fresh air, exercise, or enjoy the view of the Scheldt. Those who come to admire Antwerp’s iconic skyline can rest on one of the many comfy chairs.

Linkeroever (left bank)

The best view of the Antwerp skyline is from Linkeroever (left bank). The most remarkable way to get to Linkeroever is via the Sint-Annatunnel. In popular speech, it is called the “pedestrian tunnel”. The tunnel has been running under the Scheldt since 1933. It starts on Sint-Jansvliet and ends at the beginning of Blancefloerlaan. From Blanceflorlaan, it’s just a short walk to the waterfront, which has the most impressive view of the Antwerp skyline.

Walking through the pedestrian tunnel is a memorable experience. It is a 572-meter-long, horizontal, cylindrical tube covered with ceramic wall tiles in art deco style. On both the right and left banks, you can enter the tunnel by elevator or via the beautiful authentic wooden escalators, which were a true unicum at the opening.

Cycling to the left bank

Cyclists are also allowed to ride through the pedestrian tunnel at a walking pace (maximum 5 km per hour). To the annoyance of the people of Antwerp, one of the elevators or escalators is often temporarily out of order (due to breakdowns or renovation work).

Suppose the elevators are out of order and you want to get to the other side by bike. In that case, you can either take your bike on the escalators or opt for the free ferry service between the left and right banks. It leaves from Steenplein.

If you want to rent a bike, you can do so at Antwerp by Bike in Vleminckstraat 15A, for 2 or 3 hours, or a whole day.