7 activities in Antwerp that kids will love

Antwerp is a city with plenty to do, both for young and old. Are you planning a city trip to Antwerp with your family soon and looking for the best child-friendly activities? We have listed seven activities in Antwerp that kids will love.

1/ Get up close to exotic animals and see beautiful gardens at Antwerp Zoo

Fancy a day full of wonder? Pay a visit to the Antwerp Zoo! The Antwerp Zoo is one of the world’s oldest and most famous zoos and an absolute must for families with children. At Antwerp Zoo, you will closely encounter more than 400 animal species as you stroll along beautifully landscaped gardens. Although located in the middle of the city, Antwerp Zoo is 11 hectares, and the animals live in spacious enclosures. Each enclosure has information boards about the animal species that live there. So anyone who wants to can also learn something. Children can also have fun in the fun playgrounds scattered around the zoo.

2/ Discover the sweetest side of Antwerp in Chocolate Nation

You’re thinking of chocolate, and your mouth is already watering? Then be sure to visit Chocolate Nation! At this interactive museum, adults and children learn about the history of chocolate. The “museum” – it is more of an experience – is divided into fascinating rooms where you will discover step by step how chocolatiers transform a simple cocoa bean into a delicious chocolate treat. At the end of your visit, you can taste all that goodness. A perfect stop for a day out with the kids in Antwerp!

3/ Discover hidden waterways on a tour of De Ruien

Are you ready to discover a hidden world? Then join us on an adventure through the Ruien of Antwerp. The Ruien is an underground canal network that was once used for trade and to defend the city. Today, these ancient waterways are entirely covered, and you can take an underground tour. Truly a memorable experience. Children under ten cannot participate in a ruientour for safety reasons. It can also be very chilly and wet underground, so dress appropriately.

4/ Meet Antwerp’s railway cathedral: Antwerp-Central

Trains capture the imagination. Antwerp Central Station is not only an important railway hub, it is also a stunning feat of architecture. The station has a rich history and is often cited as one of the most beautiful stations in the world. An absolute must-see during your visit to Antwerp!

5/ Experience the best of Antwerp on a family-friendly cycling adventure

One of the best ways to explore Antwerp is by bike! Antwerp by Bike offers a bike tour along “The Highlights of Antwerp” that you can join all year round. You will explore the historical center and cycle past important Antwerp highlights such as the Steen, the City Hall, the Central Station and the Museum aan de Stroom — ideal as a first introduction to Antwerp or to visit all the tourist attractions in a short time. Antwerp by Bike has several children’s bikes and seats for little ones who can’t cycle. During an Antwerp by Bike bike tour, you will see all the beauty of Antwerp and learn about the city’s history and culture without it being boring.

6/ Discover the vibrant world of Street Art in Antwerp

Kids love Antwerp’s colorful murals. We recommend taking a walking tour with the Street Art Cities App to discover them efficiently. That way, you can find the vibrant street art scene independently. Extra interesting for children: many works or murals depict characters from popular comic books, such as Tintin, the Smurfs, or the Red Knight. The largest concentration of comic book heroes is around the university district. Other murals are scattered all over Antwerp, with important works in Borgerhout and Deurne, among others. Some of the most famous street artworks in the historic center of Antwerp are “Mural for My Father” by el Mac and “Remember” by Artoon.

7/ Put yourself in the shoes of migrants at the Red Star Line Museum

The Red Star Line Museum tells the story of the two million migrants who left Europe by boat in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to try their luck in America. You will learn about this migration history and its impact on Antwerp with interactive exhibitions and displays. The exhibition charms with personal stories about the passengers, which are made very tangible through photos, postcards, letters and diaries. Moreover, the museum has an eye for global migration throughout history, right up to the present day.

In short, Antwerp is a great destination for families with children, and there are plenty of activities to please everyone. Whether you visit the zoo, eat delicious chocolate, explore the historic canal system, take a bike ride, go on a street art adventure or learn more about migration history, there is something for everyone. See you soon in Antwerp!