Al fietsend de stad verkennen met Antwerp by Bike.

Why rent a bike in Antwerp?

Spoiler alert: you’ll see more of Antwerp’s highlights with a sturdy rental bike!

4 Antwerp specialties you need to try when visiting Antwerpen

Antwerp is not only a city of art, fashion, and diamonds. It also has a rich culinary heritage that will delight your taste buds. Here are four local delicacies you should not miss when visiting Antwerp.

Discover the magic of Antwerp at Christmas time

Antwerp is the ideal destination for an unforgettable winter getaway. We’ll tell you what you should definitely not miss during ‘Winter in Antwerp’.

Groep heft het glas tijdens stop in seefbrouwerij in Antwerpen.

Hoppy Delights: Exploring Antwerp’s Best Beer Bars

In this blog post, we dive into the city’s best beer bars. Get ready to raise a glass and discover the best beer bars in Antwerp!

Life-size bronze sculpture after the work of Eugène van Mieghem. This sculpture depicts Augustine Pautre, a Brussels girl who took classes at the Antwerp Academy.

Antwerp in one day

Do you have just one day to explore Antwerp? We’ve put together the perfect program for a day in Antwerp, so you’ll surely see the best Antwerp offers.

Vrouw leest in de Plantentuin aan de Leopoldstraat in Antwerpen.

The 6 best spots for a picnic in Antwerp

Discover the perfect picnic spots in Antwerp! Our guides have selected six parks for a relaxing picnic experience.

From world port to inland port and back: a brief history of the port of Antwerp

The Scheldt is Antwerp’s lifeline. The river connects the city with the rest of the world, and the city owes its economic prosperity to it. In this blog post, we take you through the history of the port of Antwerp.

Gids Ari wijst naar standbeeld van Brabo.

Admire UNESCO World Heritage sites in Antwerp

An overview of Antwerp’s magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the picturesque Plantin-Moretus Museum to the impressive Cathedral of Our Lady.

Family-friendly Antwerp: 7 fun activities for kids in Antwerp

Are you planning a city trip to Antwerp with your family soon and looking for the best child-friendly activities? We have compiled a list!

Guide Poll about Vleminckstraat and surroundings

Guide Poll delved into the history of the streets in the vicinity of our starting point.